Icelandic Wonders - Elves, Trolls and Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Yuletide Lads

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Explore the Mythical World of Elves, Trolls
and Northern Lights in Iceland

Icelandic Wonders is a museum encompassing approximately 1200 square meters that is dedicated to ElvesTrolls and Northern Lights.

The Christmas World at Icelandic Wonders  The Icelandic Elves   

Icelandic Jule Lads  

Grřla is Iceland┤s most famous troll woman and the 13 Icelandic Christmas lads are her sons. 



Icelandic Elves 

It is safe to say that this museum cannot be compared to anything else in Iceland. Museum guests will walk into a world of the Icelandic elves and hidden people and get a glimpse of their life. 

The Troll Cave 

Museum guests will also go through a large troll cave and get to see the dwelling place of the Icelandic trolls with their own eyes.

A true winter world and Northern Lights

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Northern Lights  

Northern Lights are shown in all their glory in a special room.

Souvenir Shop 

Icelandic Wonders operates a souvenir shop related to the centre. It is located in the centre itself. In the shop you will find a good range of Icelandic handmade goods, books and things associated to elves, trolls, ghosts and Northern Lights.

Evening Tour

This evening tour includes a visit to the popular Ghost Center and the Icelandic Wonders Centre, as well as an adventure search for the Northern Lights. 


The museum is located in Stokkseyri, which is about 70 km from ReykjavÝk (approximately one hour's drive from ReykjavÝk).  



Adult: 1.500 ISK



Opening hours


Period: June 1st to August 30th

Monday - Friday: 10:00-18:00

Saturday - Sunday: 12:00-18:00

Period: September 1st to May 31st

Open for groups upon request, please contact by email or by phone: +354 895-0020+354 895-0020.   




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